ATEDEC is a member of REFAC, it brings on board vast experience of operating in Rwanda and the Eastern regional in Burundi, RDC and Republic of Central Africa since 1995. The NGO is devoted to sustainable development of rural communities and co-operatives in the Eastern Region of Africa. ATEDEC undertakes capacity building at a grass roots level by empowering people with skills and knowledge to make positive changes in their local communities.

The organization was established in 1995 focusing on the following important areas:

1) Establishment of rural cooperatives and income generating projects especially for youth and women;

2) Health improvement and awareness campaigns such as enhancing services for the most at risk Populations of contracting and spreading HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis;

3) Development projects such as the provision of clean drinking water and sanitation;

4) Education of the rural communities about the effects of climate change on the environment;

5) Education of urban and rural communities in work readiness and technical vocation trainings but also income generating activities.

6) Human rights development such as improving gender equality, women empowerment, family planning promotion and child labour advocacy.

ATEDEC has contributed greatly in transforming the livelihood of Rwandans especially children, youth and women through its education programs like TVET, adult literacy and formal education. For more details and contacts you can find


Tel: 0788642109 /0788352162

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