REFAC Sythetic GAWE Report

From 22nd to 27th April 2018 , REFAC joined the rest of the world in activities related to the Global Action Week on Education. REFAC activities were organised in the form of a mobilization campaign based on the theme: “Accountability for SDG4 and Citizen Participation”. Read more


On 16 /07/2018 at REFAC office gathered the thematic working group on INCLUSIVE EDUCATION where they have established the questionnaire to be used for information collection in the field visit.
During the meeting, inclusive education thematic group decided to go to different schools as G.S Ste Famille, G.S EPA Catholique, High School ( Bugesera), NUDOR, Little People( Kimironko), OIPA( Gikondo), GATAGARA( Rwamagana),College of Medecine and Health Sciences( CHMS- REMERA), ABATUMVA n’ABATABONA( Nyamirambo), People with disabilities( MERA-GIKONDO SGM).

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A comprehensive summary of REFAC activities since its inception in November 2013 until December 2016.

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REFAC Annual Report 1st July 2017 to 30th June, 2018

This report highlight the achievements made by REFAC in the implementation its activities which mainly focus on education for all advocacy. Different persons and institutions contributed in the publication of this. REFAC sincerely acknowledges government institutions, donors (GPE, GCE, and ANCEFA), REFAC members and staff who actively contributed to the implementation of activities that generated this report.

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Report on the Citizens’ Mobilization Campaign on the Access of Disabled Children to Quality Education in Kamonyi and Muhanga Districts

Rwanda Education for all Coalition, and its partners (local administration and invited team leaders of education sector) of the district of Kamonyi and Muhanga had a successful workshop held at Kamonyi titled Citizen Mobilization Campaign on the Access of Disabled Children to Quality Education (inclusive education).

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Technical Report on Position Document on Improving Access to Quality Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities in Rwanda
REFAC has designed a position paper on improving access to quality inclusive education for children with disabilities in Rwanda in order to provide a complex environment that will bring changes to the education sector and community through support and police advocacy.
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