Our Mission

is to ensure affective quality and free education for all through the participation of Civil Society Organizations in Rwanda.

Our Objectives

is to strengthen partnerships at all levels for the promotion of education for all and to highlight all obstacles which hinder the equitable access to quality basic education for all through research, monitoring and evaluation and

Our Strategies

are to put together all players in education sector, including partners, government and civil society in order to advocate and promote education for all while our core values are transparency, commitment, inclusiveness, credibility, confidence and collaboration

OUR Technical Expertise

REFAC has worked closely with government and development partners to redesign, plan and implement education policies and closely monitoring its application,
it has conducted educational research and discussed its results through sector working group meeting.

We have worked with international educational partners such as INGOS, ANCEFA, GCE, GPE, and UN agencies to enhance the level of understanding and increase probability of policy change, visibility, credibility, experience and advocacy capacity, participated in training of government and non-government organizations, and worked in groups of education sector including education sector from the district to the national level.

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