1. Education financing program

Under this program, REFAC and its members carry out budget tracking for the education sector and promote citizen participation under the framework of participatory budgeting for education financing. REFAC also conducts advocacy on tax matters as a mechanism of resource mobilization for the Education sector.

2. Policy advocacy program

This program aims at strengthening REFAC and its members’ engagement in national education sector planning and policy processes, conducting evidence based advocacy after qualitative and quantitative research, policy analysis, monitoring and evaluation of government policies and programs. It also focuses on engaging and informing regional and global education policy processes through regional networks like the African Network Campaign on Education for All (ANCEFA) and global coalitions like the Global Campaign for Education (GCE).

3. Girls Education program

Girls’ education program as per EFA goal 5 and SDG 4, target 5 is aimed at ensuring gender equality across all government education policies and programs. The program also ensures that there is inclusive and quality education for all Rwandan Citizens. This is done through conducting evidence based advocacy on policies and analyzing gender budget statements for the education sector.

4. Citizen empowerment program

REFAC empowers the citizens on education policies and programs through awareness campaign throughout the country and sensitizing citizens through radio and TV programs.

5. Institutional development program.

Institutional development program focuses on institutional, governance, managerial, organizational and human resource capacity development of REFAC and its members. A capacity development plan has been developed after identifying capacity needs of REFAC and its members.

6. Regional integration program

The regional integration program focuses on ensuring that harmonization of curricula, examinations and qualifications is effectively carried out, as well as ensuring strengthening of education standards and recognition of skills across the region as per EAC common market protocol.

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