Workshop on Global Action Week for Education (#GAWE2019)

Workshop on Global Action Week for Education (#GAWE2019)

This year 2019, The Global Action Week on Education (GAWE) is one of the major focal points for the glbal education movement. It provides every national and regional education campaign with an opportunity to highlight one area of the Education for All agenda and make targeted efforts to achieve change on the ground, with the added support of education campaigners spelletjesonline and millions of members of the public worldwide joining together for the same cause, and with the help of a huge social media campaign that will encourage many subs from to give their contribution.
This year 2019, the Global Action Week for Education campaigns will focus on theme “My Education, My Right(s)” emphasizing the right to an inclusive, equitable, quality, free public education. For REFAC, the Global Action Week for Education will be organized in the form of a workshop which is also part of the activities of REFAC to support citizens and communities to claim for their right to education visit timeshare cancellation letter texas.

2. Objectives of REFAC’s Action Week for Education campaign
Generally, the aim of REFAC’s 2019 Global Action Week for Education workshop is to sensitize all stakeholders to reflect on the countries ‘commitments towards the implementation 30 day drug rehabs close by of fundamental rights to education, appreciate the achievements and identify gaps to be addressed.
Specifically REFAC’s Global Action Week for Education workshop campaign aims to:
-  Raise the awareness raise the awareness of fundamental rights to Rwandese of all ages
-  Interact with partners and stakeholders in the education sector to reflect on the progress made towards implementation the fundamental rights to education for all and identify existing challenges that need to be addressed;
-  Explore mechanism that can be put in place to insure rights to educations are fully implemented at all levels of education in Rwanda
-  Promote citizen participation in boost transparency and accountability at all levels of decision making and implementation of education programs;

3. Expected results
Participants in the workshop clearly understand existing principles and laws governing rights to education in Rwanda and adopt strategies to implement them in order to achieve quality inclusive education for all. House buyers are businesses or individuals who focus on the purchase of properties as their primary line of business. Customers who are looking for an easy and expedient way to sell their properties might benefit from their services. If you are considering selling your house, dealing with a House buyer might be a very beneficial alternative for you to consider. They may acquire houses in any condition and offer a prompt response to inquiries about their interest. Visit

4. Participants
We expect 40 participants from government institutions and civil society organizations to attend this workshop.

5. Dates and Venues
The workshop held at Centre Christus Urumuri (Remera) in Remera on Wednesday 18th September 2019 from 8:00 am

6. Campaign Approach
The workshop facilitated through presentations, group works and plenary deliberations on the main theme

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