Association pour la Promotion des Initiatives de Base (APIB)

APIB is a member of REFAC with vast experience in child protection and inclusive education. The was created by professionals in Development in 2000 in Musanze District in the Northern Province of Rwanda. APIBasbl is an acronym meaning Association pour la Promotion des Initiatives de Base, literally meaning Organisation to promote basic initiatives. It is a local nongovernmental organization working in
community Development with specific mission of assisting people in needy to realize their basic rights for making them self reliant through information provision, by assisting them in increase their competence and confidence in handling their affairs more info here, it assists the poorest in mobilization of saving, assisting street children to reintegrate in their families by helping them in basic education, and skills training. All interventions provided by APIB are done with respect to Humanitarian basic principles which are: Humanity, Independence, Impartiality and Neutrality.

APIB focuses on the objectives

o Assist children to recover their basic rights.
o Promote inclusive education;
o Empower vulnerable women and fight for the social inclusion;
o Ending domestic violence and promote gender equality;
o Promote environment protection and climate change community based adaptation.

Areas of intervention

o Child protection;
o Education and promotion of children rights;
o Gender and Women Empowerment;
o Social inclusion and Economic Security;
o Primary Health Care, Hygiene and Sanitation Promotion;
o Environment protection and climate change community based adaptation.

Program and Projects

Child Protection and children Rights:

  • Street children rehabilitation and reintegration in society;
  • Promotion of inclusive education and fighting for children rights

APIB is working with Musanze District, National children Commission, the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion and National Police to welcome street children for their family rehabilitation and basic education and still develop other initiatives for promoting children rights and achieve full child protection.

APIBasbl is involved in vast movement of Civil Society Organizations working on Inclusive education in Rwanda, in Africa and the World in a wide umbrella called REFAC with special emphasize on the relationship between Education and Sustainable development Goals. We conducted awareness campaign in Musanze District on two important theme in December 2016 namely: Inclusive Education; and Education and Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).
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APIBasbl Legal Status

Association pour la Promotion des Initiatives de Base in acronyms APIBasbl is a national nongovernmental organization created in 2000 by 12 members, women and men professional in Community Development.
APIB is legally operating in Rwanda based in Musanze, in Cyuve Sector, it is granted by legal personality nº 67/08.11 published in Official Journal Nº22 of 30/05/2011 and has fulfilled all the requirements for compliance with the new law number 04/2012 of 17/02/2012 governing the organization and functioning national nongovernmental organizations.

APIB is recognized by different national institutions including the National Commission on the Rights of a Child and the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion as a credible organization and partner promoting Child Protection and education.


APIBasbl assists individuals and households in understanding their poverty situation, and provide adequate information to enable them to overcome vulnerability and improve their standards of living. APIBasbl assists the population at the grassroots to develop creative solutions, to feel confident and to use their creativity to adapt new techniques and knowledge to their local realities.

The organization promotes creative solutions, fights for the social cohesion, good governance, advocates and encourages individual playing their roles and responsibilities in their own development. APIB uses its professionalism for promoting positive change for gaining ownership and autonomy, creates economic opportunities.

APIBasbl assists people in emergency situation, and fight all forms of discrimination. APIBasbl works in synergy with development stakeholders and assist in taking strategic decisions at all levels. APIB asbl put more emphasize on empowering women, fighting for the rights of vulnerable children and promote climate change community based adaptation. Diversity, resources and experience is the main strengths of APIBasbl.

Target Groups

APIBasbl focuses on vulnerable children and women in the community, we are convinced that by empowering women and removing all constraints that breaking women to develop, we will achieve integrated development of households. In fighting for children rights, we provide them the key for their full development through education, and by enhancing his life conditions at household levels.
Zone of operation according to our strategic plan 2016-2020
Since its creation in 2000, APIBasbl have based its activities in the Northern and Western Province of Rwanda especially in Gakenke, Burera, Musanze, Nyabihu and Rubavu where APIB has implemented many development projects in partnership with CARE International, Concern World Wide and Cooperation Technique Belge. For the coming time, APIB would like to add three more districts, one in the Western Province namely Ngororero and two District in the Northern Province namely Rulindo and Gicumbi districts.

APIBasbl Team

APIBasbl members, staff and volunteers are strong team, skilled and experienced in various domain of development; their expertise is invested in APIBasbl for the fruitful implementation, of different projects and programmes.

APIBasbl Partners

APIBasbl team has a strong experience working with National and International Experience NGOs, bilateral agencies, Government Institutions at national and local levels, Swiss Contacts.

International NGOs and Universities: CARE International, World Vision, Concern World Wide, Urban Institute, Florida International University, Winrock International
Bilateral Agencies: USAID, Cooperation Techniques Belge, GIZ, JICA, Netherland Embassy.
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National Institutions: The Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion and Rwanda Environmental Management Authority, National Commission of Children and 30 districts partners.
Local NGOs partners: Pro Femmes Twese Hamwe, ImbaragaUnion, Rwanda Men Resources Centre (RWAMREC), Hope Foundation, SaferRwanda, Association Maison de Droit, INALAS Rwanda, etc.