Club Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Intellectuel et Culturel (CLUB SPIC)

CLUB-SPIC is one of the active members of REFAC. It is a Public Interest Organization that was set up in 2000. It is a teachers’ association set up to address educational needs in both formal and non-formal fields, for both youth and adults.
The organization focuses on contributing to the development of Rwandans based on knowledge, intellectual skills, culture and values and brings to REFAC a rich history committed work in the education sector.

The organization focuses on promoting sustained education by promoting adult literacy (Assisting adults who did not have opportunity of attending school or complete their studies); Providing a variety of services related to education and intellectual as well as cultural field.

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The organization has delivered a number of activities since its establishment and has registered a number of successes stories mainly focusing on: Creating formal schools and training centers; Training adults who did not complete their primary or secondary education; Training adults in languages; Teaching adults literacy and numeracy; Training people in computer skills and technology; Training people in various basic professions (TEVT); Creating a public library;
The work of CLUC SPIC has greatly impacted the Rwandan community; CLUB-SPIC has been able to teach and train many Rwandans and has helped them to shift from one level of life to another in intellectual, economical and social aspects in the following programs.

1. Private Candidate Coaching

After 1994 genocide against TUTSI, there were many people who were not able to study or complete their studies: some were outside of the country, others were former combatants of the liberation war, others became orphans and missed support to continue their studies on time as children chiefs of families who had to look after their young brothers and sisters,… All these were among the reasons that pushed CLUB-SPIC to set up the program that aims at helping all those people to be coached and sit for National examinations as private candidates.
These are mostly people responsible for their families who study in the evening after service hour that is from 5:30pm-8:50pm from Monday up to Friday and Saturday from 8:00am.
More than 4.000 people have been trained by CLUB-SPIC in this field, some of these beneficiaries benefited as they were able to be promoted at their services. Others did not stop at level only they went farther to pursue their bachelors’ degrees. CLUB-SPIC gave them the key and the opportunity to continue their university studies and many of them are now holders of bachelor’s degrees and some are holders of master’s degrees.

The following pictures demonstrate the organizations adult literacy and adult education programs.

2. TVET -Tailoring training

CLUB-SPIC does the tailoring training activity in Kamonyi District. After teaching literacy and numeracy to the youth whose majority is made up of girls, In CLUB-SPIC developed another project to help people who had already completed literacy and numeracy training to empower them economically. 109 people have been trained in tailoring and have created their own jobs. Many of them bought their own sewing machines and they are professional tailors which have completely transformed their lives

3. Literacy and numeracy

In order to contribute to the world and the national program of education for all, CLUB-SPIC did not like to let anybody to be left behind in different levels. That is where the idea of teaching adults literacy and numeracy came from.
After being taught by CLUB-SPIC, more than 600 people learnt how to write, read and count in Kinyarwanda. They are able to fill in bank slips by themselves. They can read bibles, newspapers and know what is going on in the world. They can read and get driving license which has transformed their lives as most of them have become professional drivers. .

4. Pupils and students in holidays program

Nowadays, many parents are not at home all the time to take care of their children. Because of this, many children spend all their time in front of the television screens watching movies and most of the time not educational ones. Many others spend the whole day walking and visiting friends who are not most of the time good ones.
To give their contribution to the solution of the problem, CLUB-SPIC set up the program that helps children in long holidays. The children are helped to have good holidays combined with education through plays, debates, conversations that help the students to develop positive values, good ways of behaving and develop their different talents.

CLUB-SPIC and his students join other Rwandans in activities of commemoration of 1994 Genocide against TUTSI. The action took place at Gisozi memorial site.

The following photos show CLUB-SPIC beneficiaries coming together at ULK stadium to show their appreciation to the services offered by the organization.
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