Initiative Locale de Development Communautaire( ILDC)

 Initiative Locale de Development Communautaire( ILDC) was established in 2006 as a Non-profit making Organization (NGO) to encourage and support the Rwandans in their economic development. The organization is legally registered by the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) with certificate of compliance. In the education sector ILDC works on promoting education for all, the welfare of vulnerable population as well as community development.
ILDC’s mission intends to empower communities including vulnerable groups to improve their human capital, enjoy their human rights, have access to quality Education including “Inclusive Education”.Initiative Locale de Développement Communautaire (ILDC) has implemented Education projects in Western and Northern provinces of Rwanda, namely in Burera, Rubavu and Rulindo Districts. ILDC’s activities are mainly focused on parent’s sensitization canlı maç bahis , teacher’s professional trainings and contribution to bonus for teachers. We also contributed to school feeding programs and promoting income generating activities for vulnerable families to enable them to increase their income and improving socio-economic situation in rural areas settings.

In primary level, ILDC conducted many activities such as:
o Conducting Sensitization sessions of parents to enroll their children in school.
o Organizing and conducting trainings sessions for teachers
o Contributing and proving financial supports for school feeding programs
o Proving financial support for vulnerable families and ensure the availability of IGA enabling them to pay bonus for teachers.

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In Burera District; ILDC/Rwanda has technically supported 60 students from poor family to joint Technical Vocational Training (TVT).ILDC also provided technical and financial supports to those students who completed S.6 with low marks in followings branches:o In carpentry
o In Masonry
o In Hair dressing and beauty
o Mechanics