SEVOTA is an organization focusing on inclusive education and early childhood development. The organization is located in Kamonyi district. The organization also trains children on life skills and cultural values. SEVOTA is an effective member of REFAC and it is also a member of other networks like PROFAMME/TWESEHAMWE.

Since its establishment after the 1994 genocide, SEVOTA has been supporting children borne of raped Tutsi women during the Tutsi genocide paying for their school fees and scholastic materials as well as economic empowerment of these households.

The mothers of these children live with the traumatic consequences of sexual violence and feelings of rejection toward their unwanted children. So many children born out of rape grow up under considerable hardship. Most of the affected children show signs of mental traumatisation and neglect. In their social environment and extended families of mothers and communities – these children also frequently suffer open discrimination and are disadvantaged when it comes to education, thus, the intervention of SEVOTA is critical in building the future of these desperate children.